Sneezing Two-week old EE...why?

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    Jul 30, 2011
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    Brand new chick mom here with a question...this morning after their breakfast of scrambled egg over their organic chick feed one of my two-week-old EE chicks has the sneezes. She is sneezing pretty constantly for the last 2 hours. She's eating, drinking, acting 100% normal and no discharge. No amonia scent in their box either (I have a sensative nose) and great ventilation in the bathroom. Their feathers are coming on strong and I do see a lot of tiny, tiny chick down floating around as they groom themselves after eating. Could she have inhaled a bit of down and that is causing the sneezing? Is sneezing common when they loose their chick down and move into feathers?
    They have been on liquid vitamins w/ electrolyes in their water since arriving two weeks ago. I was thinking about moving the flock of 9 out of the bathroom and into the coop today along with their heat'll get up to the high 60's and they'll have a lot more room...but not if one is compromised in her breathing.
    I'd so very much appreciate some ideas here. Thank you for your help from this nervous first-time mother hen.
    NC ChickenKate

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    I would say it could be just a little bit of irritation in her nostrils or throat....Like you say, a bit of fluff could have gotten in there and is tickling her.....I would just keep an eye on her and if no other symptoms occur, she's probably fine.....

    I have a trio of Coronation Sussex, and there is a sneezy hen in that trio. This has gone on for probably four months, and she's fine. It's just the way she is........I have no idea why....
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    I agree with chicmom - most likely nothing to worry about, since iyour chick appears/acts healthy otherwise. My BA is my sneezy girl - when she gets something in her throat, she sneezes/coughs forever (and LOUDLY).

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