Sneezing, wheezing, and lost some feathers.


In the Brooder
May 2, 2016
Northern Minnesota
I have a beautiful gold laced Wyandotte named Henrietta that is having a few issues. There is a little back story. A couple weeks ago one of our hens started pecking out all of Henrietta's tail feathers and up her lower back. We rehomes said hen and now two weeks later Henrietta had a bunch of new feathers coming in. Then 2 days ago I noticed they were being pecked out again. I haven't seen it happen so I am unsure if it is another hen or her. Tonight she was almost whining. She was randomly sneezing and if excited would have wheezing for a bit. She is eating and drinking and was out pecking and scratching with the others all evening. She is 15 weeks old. And no discharge.
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