sniffling 6 week old chickens

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    Nov 1, 2010
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    Just noticed this evening that some of my 6 week old chicks were sniffling. I have 26 of them together. They were huddled into 2 groups ( its cold out, they do have heat lamps) and couldn't tell which ones the sniffles were coming from. Their are no watery eyes, or discharge. Their appetite is normal. What should I do or treat them with? Thanks
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    It would be advisable to find the ones that are sniffling and seperate from the rest. There are to many things that this could be or nothing, Respiratory infection, infectious coryza or CRD, or maybe you just put in new bedding, There are antibiotics for the respiratory but Coryza is very contageous. you can do a google search on this page for some answers, hope this helps some.

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