Snuck them in! Now what?

I’ve recently added several to my flock over the past few months. First 2 RIR, then 5 Isa browns, then one marans and I just put them in the coop. The existing hens never really messed with them much. They would chase them away from food or water for day or two but they never really had any issues and they’re all fine now.
Your really going to want to separate them within the pen. Run some chicken wire to portion off a little run within the run. So they can see each other yet everyone will be safe. I don’t know what you Snuck them into...a existening flock?? The established flock my see them as intruders or a threat. Introducing new birds is a process. It best to quarantine new birds away from your flock to ensure they do not bring in diseases.
In the morning you should start over.
Quarantine at this point is mute. So...get ya some wire and separate the new ones. Give them their own food and water. You could put treats along the fence line so they can peck together ~ safely. Best wishes
You really should quarantine them for at least a month before intergrating into your flock. The See but no touch method; wire cage with food & water placed in the coop for at least a couple of weeks before attempting mingling.
For a lot of people, there is no way to practice bio security, they know it is a risk, and take it. To each his own.

To the OP - you might get lucky if:
* you do have enough room
* you have hide outs in the coop and run
* you don't have a real big flock
* or you have a REALLY big flock

The very small flock of less than 5 birds, can be very brutal to new birds, these tend to be kept in small -too small set ups. Adding new birds to an over-crowded set up is a recipe for violence.

Where as people that have flocks of 10-15, generally have more room, a better set up, and adding two new birds to that, can cause scuffles, but generally not death.

So what happened this morning?

Mrs K

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