Snyder Ducks( new feather legged breed)


10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Decided this year would be the year I finally make my new breed of duck available to the public. I've put up a website for them with lots of info on the Snyder duck breed, including their development, pictures and a proposed breed standard.

These are feathered legged, but the trait is caused by a different gene mutation than that in chickens. The amount and length of the leg feathering is slowly increasing every year and with only 13 years of development into them there is deffinately more potential.

If interested I'm on facebook with pics and info about Snyder ducks aswell as my other breeds/projects. Over the past 15 years I have done alot of my own breeding research into domestic duck and domestics goose genetics. I hope(in the near future) to put the results I've compiled on undocumented genes and further research into known genes, into a book. For now however, I will be touching on some of my studies on my facebook page. Feel free to like my page if you're interested in rare breed/colour domestic waterfowl and domestic waterfowl genetics
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Yes I really like them. Hope to be making some good steps towards more improvement on the leg feathering in the next few years.

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