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    Feb 21, 2010
    'sWell the last post of my 3 newbie's.They all died [​IMG].I had put them in basement with nice warm heat lamp and stuff.One died the next morn after hatching.I thought maybe the dampness so I brought them up to sunroom then the other 2 died within 2 days one each day.Well now the next few I hatched those 2 are doing fine on day 2 and I had 2 hatch yesterday.I hatched my first silkie last night.One was working out but got stuck and died too. Baaaaaaa.It's been so hot and humid here I dunno I HATE these styro incubator's.I did manage to get one out of shell before it got really gunked up.It's an OEGB like the first 3 that died and I have 2 more that hatched first fluffy and fine so far.I hope that lil one make's it it's still like he has varnish on him but it is eating and stuff so maybe in a couple days the junk will dry and flake off from it.The silkie is odd color it's buff/ white and has a black patch at neck [​IMG].I took the other 6 egg's out and cleaned bator trying to get it back up to temp now have another 13 egg's going in later.Wish me luck with my babie's.Was trying to post some pic's Gaaaaaa now something wrong with camera! [​IMG].

    Finaly got daughter's camera working with batterie's think I killed mine with my Dyslexic self think put cord in backwards baaaaaaa.

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    So sorry your babies died [​IMG] Here's to your new ones [​IMG]

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