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    Hubby was forced to resign from his job , actually fired but given option to resign so he could still get a job with the GOV, because of his illness (they knew he was disabled) and having to use up a lot of his leave time to have Doc appointments to get his lung issues under control.( he was 8 months into his probation ) Well his Gov job and the union told him if he resigned he will still be able to collect unemploymment because it was forced......... now the unemployment office says no, and we have only his dissability money coming in......... that just pays or minimum bills. I am so tired of the bull crap from all this stuff.......... when will it end........ [​IMG]
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    If he was fired or forced to resign due to his disability, he may have an EEOC claim; it is certainly worth investigating.
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    I would appeal their decision... Fight it! [​IMG]
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    It's time to kick some butt!! Get a lawyer who works with disabilites. Contact your local disablity rights office.
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    [​IMG] Fight the decision. Good luck
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    Forced to resign?

    Probationary period?

    No employer is so stupid to terminate without cause. His protection may be very limited because his probation term was not finished.
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    Has he talked to the union since his unemployment was denied? They should be able to help him. That's what they're supposedly for!!
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    I agree fight it... You can appeal and appeal and appeal.. I know I would ....

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