So apparently Snow is acid...



Yup, just what the title says. Today is my "Refresh the coop with straw and sawdust" day. And well, today we finally got a little bit of snow.
However my hens were not impressed...They refused to leave the coop, and well I refused to leave them in poop...So!
According to my hens Sawdust will eat you but straw is fine, however the snow is acid and if you touch it you will die...
As I was plopping and spreading the sawdust into the coop they all individually freaked out, tried to fly up and cling to the side of the coop and even tried to hide in the nesting box's until I had to put sawdust in there also...
Poor Ruby, my laced EE, fell out of the coop door during the violent attack of the sawdust and promptly landed in the snow...
She let out a scream as though my mothers beagles were ripping her tail feathers out again and trying to eat her.
I promptly stopped fixing the coop, went out back and found her standing in the snow, just screaming her head off.
I walked up to her, picked her up and put her back into the coop.
Apparently acid will stop killing you the moment you touch clean sawdust
Don't know about sawdust as we don't use it here but the snow....or should I say KILLER SNOW . That's another matter! Our Australorps, all went through last winter and should be used to it. Not so much. Last week we had a dusting and I had to reach into the small coop where they were hanging out and toss them out one by one and drive them back to the henhouse. Today,with another dustin out there our Brahmas were just puttering about while it was snowing. And they are this springs hatch!

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