So... best nesting material...


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
that I have found so far is ...

Millow stalks... (sp?)
It tends to scratch up eggs a bit (darker ones) BUT rarely stains them (unless it touches a green part - though doesn't cause any hatch issues) AND it keeps eggs nearly mud free AND wet and such!

I am so happy to learn this, since I was stuck using sweet hay (still using it, too expensive to throw out). It's also easy to clean up too - stays very dry and keeps eggs elevated off the ground!
It does sometimes stick to the eggs and can be a pain in the rear to pull off (and does take the color off a bit) but it's all worth it! I've had very little wet, muddy and poopy eggs - I think the stalks rubbing on the eggs tends to scrap off the poo/mud, but it does clean up the hen's feet as they come in!

Anyone have any good nesting material?
I usually use either sawdust or hay, usually sawdust, since it is easy to clean out and replace when an egg breaks.
I just use regular grass hay (coastal around here) and it has worked great. I ust use what's left after I feed the horses, whatever is left on the feed room floor. They seem to like it
Same here with prairie hay after feeding cows. Side benefit is picking up the grubs and worms under the round hay bales as Hubby takes them to the cows...nice winter treat for the hens.
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