So. CA: 2 four-month old roos... free!


10 Years
Mar 3, 2014
Inland Empire
Hello, all. All 3 of my summer hatch chicks turned out to be boys. Drat ... city ordinance does not allow me to keep roosters. Boo/tears! :( Have rehomed one already. So... it's time to part ways with the last two baby roos. "Cheep cheep" (FREE) to good home with a flock of gals to call their own. They are very bonded as they were raised together, but do NOT need to be adopted together. 17 weeks old (hatched July 21). Wondering if anyone in So. CA is interested in adding either a Black Copper Maran or a Blue Splash Easter Egger to their flock? Pretty please?! :))

More info... So far, these two have been fairly demure as they've been underfoot of my 5 bossy & mature hens since hatching. They mostly hang out with each other, and sleep with each other. While the roos still act skittish around the hens, they are both just recently starting to show more confidence around them. They aren't acting aggressively, and while they aren't super tame they will quiet when held. They free range the yard with my girls every day. Will also come into the coop when called with treats (or at dusk, whichever comes first).

Let me know if you have any questions.
*I'm in the "Inland Empire" area of So. CA

roo7.jpg roo8.jpg

roo6.jpg roo4.jpg

Both boyz together
roo2.jpg roo3.jpg roo9.jpg roo1.jpg
Just keep getting word out, whether only here or multiple locations such as here, Craigslist, Facebook local chicken group pages, etc! Someone will come out interested!
I just did it and had luck!
Good luck!
Just *bumping* for my boyz. Having never raised cockerels to this age before, I am amazed at how quickly they grow and change. Becoming more handsome by the week! Just this am, I was watching my flock after I let them out of the coop. The BCM's green sheen is more pronounced now, and his red hackles are coming in longer. The BSEE's tail feathers are coming in longer with a lovely arch. AND...confidence is growing in both too! I quietly observed the boys this am - they are definitely more willing to enter the cackle of hens to get treats now. And I saw the BCM stand up to my little red hen who always tries to push him around, while the BSEE stood his ground with my big Barred Rock hen - and even grabbed a feather from her back when she got too pushy. So, these boys won't be pushovers...definitely growing into their own. And crowing lol!
ha! right?! I would like to keep one or both, if I could... they're nice boys. I just CANT keep them (boo sad) because I'll be in violation of the permit I had to get from the City in order to have chickens at all! :)
I'm actually VERY interested in the darker roo. I have a lonely indoor (although she free roams every day) RIR who's about the same age. I adore her but I don't want her to feel lonely. She needs a mate. I'm with her ALL the time, but it's not the same I'm sure.. Your guy looks handsome and I think they would have lovely babies.

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