So, construction starts next week for the new barn

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    Okay, so I've decided to add another poultry building. I have all the material laying around. Thinking of doing something like this:


    I'm thinking this can easily be constructed into 16 x 32... Definitely want 16 to be the width. Not sure on length yet. May even do something smaller to start out with like a 16x8? Or there abouts.

    I'm also thinking of doing some sort of pen set up. 5 pens long that lead into an enclosed run space for my breeders. pens would be 6x8, with room on the back side of the building for a feed room and brooder space. Need to be able to build whatever I build on a slant... My property is on a VERY small slant.

    Or something like this?



    I want to be able to house 8 breeds at a time in whatever pens I put up.

    I'd prefer a massive poultry barn with separated pens out it's sides, but I can't find pictures of anything like that. Guess I'm about to just start building and see what I come up with!


    I'm thinking something similar to this. With a center aisle way for a wheel barrow. Possibly even sectioned off into separate pens.

    I don't know, really. Most of my coops are simple 8x8's, one 12x32 building that I keep supplies and young birds in. But I do know that I've got a LOT of random material laying around and I'm dying to start building.

    So, those of you running layer flocks of 60+ how do your pens look? As of right now, my non breeder total ( in the mixed layers ) is 24, with 11 in a grow out pen and 25 on their way up to the grow out pen. Flock is WAY down from over 60 this time last year. Long story behind the loss in numbers... Ideas?

    Edited to add: this is that barns finished product inside. Is this a BYC member? Pics.html
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