So...did any of you catch flack for having chickens?


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Apr 27, 2011
I am a NYC girl, born and raised. I moved from NY to Charlotte five years ago. All of my family and a lot of friends are still in NY and I received a lot of flack for making the decision to keep chickens. They think I am crazy and have all sorts of misconceptions about chickens. I also received some flack from my Charlotte friends...not as much as my NY people..... but enough.

My mom and stepdad just came to visit us and met the chicks. They realized that having chickens is easy and not the crazy, loud mess they imagined it to be. My friends here are starting to appreciate the allure of raising chicks. I have had a few, who at first thought I was nuts, comment that the chicks seemed cleaner and quieter and cheaper to keep than dogs!

So, did you get the hairy eyeball when you first started to keep chickens???
I have found one of the few good things about becoming old is that you just don't give a darn about what anyone thinks of you.
fortunately/unfortunately my parents live 4 houses has always hated birds. She still doesn't like my chickens, but loves the fresh eggs...go figure
Yep, my friends think I'm crazy. They won't be thinking that when I'm making breakfast with my fresh eggs on all our camping trips!
When I first told people at work I was thinking about chickens (over a year ago) They all said "CHICKENS! Why would you want to do that?!"
That has been followed by all sorts of questions over the past year; "Don't you need a rooster?" "Don't they carry diseases?", etc.

I finally got 5 chicks about a month ago. Then chicken math kicked in and I bought 6 more a week ago.

Now, after I've educated my co-workers (thanks BYC for all the wonderful info here) I hear "I'll buy some eggs from you when they start laying"

So, I have converted them over to our side.

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