So Do Misters Help when 114 Degrees?


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Jun 17, 2011
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This is where the young flock is hanging today and looks the same in the older girls large pen, gates are open for free range, but the misters are more popular than freedom right now in the 114 degree in the shade temps. Out in the sun it is much hotter and ground temps in the sun are 125 plus!
We just did that in our coop as well, it is one that is tied to the side with five heads. It's a big hit as well! They are loving the mud! Poor things are so hot where I am too!
Those are so cool! I wanted one this summer, but now that our temps are back to bareable I think I will wait until next year. I only hope I remember to pick some up before it's blistering hot again.
I purchased the one for patios that is tubing with about 5 or 6 misters and clips that work well for my fence.
About 16 dollars at Lowes. You gotta try them they dont seem to soak the dirt as bad as some I have had.
This photo looks alot like my flock!! and they look like very cool chicks!
If only I could find any of those. They all sold out around here about mid June I guess. Having Marketing run by people that live where it snows just sucks. Winter coats in August, I mean really?
Glad we do not see that here, I hate flies.... Only use them when it is really hot in the afternoon though so never really get the dreaded permanent wet area going on.
i'm still using misters, on a timer for the hottest part of the day. it's the best to see my girls dust bath in the wet area underneath them. they also rock for coop cleaning time (keeps the poo dust down)
good luck next summer!

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