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Oct 24, 2016
Crewe, Virginia
There's been a lot of people I've talked to that say I have it easy here because there isn't any actual hard work going on.
HELLO, people! I do have to say this, ' yes, we are a small farm just starting out so we only have chickens and steers at this moment. I have a family member who stays with me and is supposed to help me yet he prefers to be next door at the neighbors working for them. He's going on vacation soon and told me while he's gone I have to pick up the slack. Well, how much more of the slack do I have to pick up seeing how I already tend to not only the outside animals (chickens and steers) but I take care of the three inside cats- food, water and change their litter. FYI- I can't really clean the house seeing how he destroys it as soon as I get it cleaned nor does he help with anything- cooking, cleanup ( washing dirty dishes and putting leftovers away), laundry.
So my thing is what good does it do me for him to be here when he is just a lazy piece of **** jerk that doesn't respect women or the house (which belongs to his father)? He is the most rudest, disrespectful young adult I have ever had to deal with and I've had it with him ( yes, my family knows how he is and the only thing they tell me is hold in there because it's going to get better soon). I don't know how much longer I can hold on seeing how I'm beginning to hate being here and want to leave yet everytime I mention it to another family member, he replies," yup, be like everyone else and run away when the rough gets going" so of course, I end up on a guilt trip and end up staying.
I also know that if I do end up leaving the animals aren't going to be tended to seeing how my cousin stays up all night until 2-3 am and then doesn't get up until before noon.
I'm also trying to deal with my own medical issues but according to my cousin, " I need to suck it up and stop being a wuss because I live on a farm". He doesn't believe that I have medical issues even though he's seen the reports from the doctors.
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:hugs I wish you the best of luck.
Some people do not and will not change.
You can't wait for him to may be waiting forever.
Do something that makes you happy.
Maybe you could just pretend he isn't there...don't offer any help to Him.
I've tried to pretend he's not here plus that's what some of my other family members suggests then he tells me, " you need to stop being so lazy" or if I'm working on my project I either have to stop to complete his project or to help him with his project. He thinks he's the boss just because his father isn't here- his father is the property owner.
Maybe a good talking to...
Let him know...."Hey you are not my boss and I will not answer to you anymore, period." Then ignore the comments?
That just makes him have an even bigger attitude or he gets very peed off then becomes violent- more mental than physical seeing how he knows his father would beat him if he laid a hand ( hit, slapped) on a female including me.

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