So excited! My baby chicks come this week!!!!


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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
So, I'm counting down the days till Thursday, when I expect my chicks to arrive at the Post Office. They are coming from Hoover's Hatchery in Iowa, so I'm hoping they will arrive Thurs. If not, Fri, for sure. They have a 25 minimum, so in pullets I ordered 3 Gold Star, 4 Black Australorp, 4 Barred Rock, 3 White Rock, 3 Buff Orpington, 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte, & 3 Americana. I added a Barred Rock cockerel & an Americana cockerel so They girls can have a couple fellas! I'd like to incubate & hatch eggs next spring too. Anyway, this is my first time with chickens & I had planned to just let them out every day after mid to late morning ( once they are fully feathered & in the coop ) to just free range about the place ( we have 10 acres & have access to 30.). However, now I'm starting to second guess that. The garden is fenced well, so no worries there. But I happened to think about my flower beds that I have spent alot of time & money on. Are the flower beds doomed if we don't either fence in the yard or fence in the chickens?

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