So Frustrated


13 Years
Jul 11, 2010
South of Blanco, TX
My Spalding peahen got off the nest with 4 chicks leaving 6 other eggs. I took the chicks hoping she'd get back on but didn't. Rushed the eggs into an incubator but the peeping stopped that was coming from some of the eggs so it may be too late. I'm heating up the bathroom where the hova bator is at trying to get the heat up a little faster. I should have had one ready in case of an emergency but didn't. Can't believe I'm going to loose 6 - 75% Java chicks of which a couple could be Java because they were using the same nest.
I never rasied any but I had a friend that did and hers would do the same thing!!
Good luck, I hope they make it!
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Thanks, I hope so too. Poor little things. I need to scale down. Feel like I'm running around with my head cut off most of the time keeping up with 2 dogs and these peafowl. Seems I don't have time to accomplish anything else.

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