SO happy the guy up the road from me managed to capture dumped cockerels

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    Sep 5, 2014
    that I heard about weeks ago. I am usually alone in trying to deal with any animal dumped(because people can suck!!) and this man was willing to crawl around and beg and make weird noises(I don't know if he did these things but it took him a while!) and he got them in a small kennel. They are safe in a quarantined pen at my house now and are gorgeous. They have classic cock-a-doodle sound whereas my roo and cockerel(father/son) sound quieter. I can't post pics but I THINK 1 is RIR and other, possibly, Wyandot. They are BIG. Discovered another possible dumped cockerel across the street a few days ago and neighbors FINALLY got hold of me yesterday and they think their dog got it yesterday morning because the cockerel was roosting during the day but there were feathers/blood all around underneath him.Din't hear him yesterday or today.Wish they would have removed him sooner. These birds all appear very tame and the people have been feeding them on their porches.No they will not be kept.

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