so heartbroken. feathers and missing hen 😞


Mar 14, 2019
my gentle and petite easter egger — one of the sweetest and loveliest hens i’ve ever known went missing today. behind the coop we found many, many feathers but all of which weren’t her outside feathers and colors; but the lighter and downy feathers underneath. no blood, no sign of anything else, no sound. my dogs were outside. am i beyond delusional to wonder if i’ll ever see her again? in my heart i know that so many feathers mean she was taken by a predator. but i just can’t make sense of it. just minutes earlier she was eating blueberries out of my hand. very populated area with lots of dogs and cars and very little land on a sunny morning between 10-11
Sounds like a fox.They'll watch your routine and strike accordingly. One can always hope she escaped and got away but none of the others are missing it doesn't sound good.All the same I think I'd try to follow the path the predator would have taken to escape and see if I could find any sign of her.Sorry for your loss.

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