So I ended up with a Turkey today... i have a few ?'s

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Bleenie, Aug 8, 2009.

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    After weeks of posting on CL and getting rid of NOTHING! we finally broke down and took all the extra birds to the auction. I hadnt planned on getting anything but a duck but when 'Pilgrim' came up for $10 i had to get him. almost got a hen for $12 but decided against it.

    They said he is a 5month old 35lb Brown Turkey.

    Does he look like a brown turkey? hes all black and white.

    About how much do you think he will weigh after being butchered?

    I have decided to find someone to kill him ASAP since i know i will get too attached if i wait, his beak is a little crooked and he has a limp from an old injury. I am going to 'quarantine' him with the ducks for a while then have it done. but for now his poo does look healthy. they also said he was free range but i picked him right up a few times already, he seems very used to people.

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    he is a Broad Breasted Bronze (meat type). He will weigh about 70% of his live weight dressed out. The limp is because he is getting too big too fast and soon he'll not be able to walk. Butcher him soon or else you'll have one HUGE bird and have a hard time cooking him in any normal oven.

    by the way good deal on him for 10 bucks. It cost more then that to buy and feed one to that size.
  3. Bleenie

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    I just found 3 turkeys online for $10 for ALL of them. 2 toms and a hen. people must just not be able to butcher them or something. i know i am getting attached to this one quickly. hes a big baby.

    thanks for the info i was going to try n find someone to do it for me Soon.

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