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Ok. First off, HELLO!!! My name is Melanie. I am not new to chickens, as I grew up always having a few around the yard. We have 4 hens now, which I'm pretty sure are RIR mix, and had a White Silkie Roo (Sammie) who passed on us last year. Long story short, like everyone, I was sucked into Tractor Supply a few days ago and grabbed myself 6 baby bantams (After all, we really miss our Sammie). I picked them out one by one to mix the breeds & colors, but I need help with a couple. I took some photos, but I only managed to get all 6 of them together in only one photo, so I numbered that one to make it easier to know which is which. The other pictures are a few close ups of each of them. I'll tell you my guesses and would really love it if I could hear yours! Thanks in advance!

1. white silkie 2. buff silkie 3. no clue 4. white silkie 5. mottled cochin 6. white silkie

Welcome to BYC!

So glad you finally decided to stop lurking and join our community!! Was the peep peep peep that drove you into the nearest TSC?? LOL They are such enablers this time of year.

Pull up a roost bar and make yourself at home here on BYC. Enjoy your new babies and welcome to our flock!
You think so?? Thats really what I was hoping someone would say!! I need some color in my flock! I wish I could find someone with Easter Egger chicks around here. I had one as a child that laid green eggs, and haven't been able to locate any near my home.
I guess it depends on where TSC was pulling the hatch from. some can be mixed. between araucana, ameri, eggers, etc, they are different colors and designs. I know TSC this year shipped in tons of what they consider Ameraucana. My TSC has never carried Silks. wish they did.

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