So I got some white leghorns..


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Apr 11, 2014
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Hello, I have two new chickens, I'm a little new at it, but do have experience, plus my mom helps me a lot with it lol.

I have two little white Leghorns chicks, about 4 weeks old. But I suspect one to be a cockerel. I got em' at Tractor Supply but the guy didn't know jack except that they were "pullets" so now I'm just a bit worried of one being a roo. One has a taller comb than the other, and it also made this funny movement like it was trying to crow. Although I don't think they do that at this age, but who knows. She's a little dominant over the other, but I don't know if pullets do that too. And its not like I have a problem with having a rooster, but I really wanted just two hens for laying. Here's the best pics I could get of them.(They're in the cage for now, I'm trying to build the coop and they go inside at night.)



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Apr 8, 2008
Those look like females to me. White Leghorn cockerels are REALLY obvious, even as young as four weeks.

Edited because I took a photo for you! The white birds are all white Leghorns, six weeks old. The cockerel is clearly visible with his head up in the middle of the photo. As a point of interest, the other birds in the photo are all pullets with the exception of the very dark brick red bird in the background on the left; that is a Rhode Island Red (not a Production Red) cockerel. The red bird in the front is a ISA Brown pullet.

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