So I have a wierd flock?


Roo Magnet
10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
I keep hearing/reading about the age of integration for the litte one's, but my little barred rocks are about 3.5 weeks old and are running with the bigger girls (3 month old silkies)with no probs, no pecking, all cuddle together-it's all very kumbaya. They've all been one happy chicken family for over a week now, so they actually wet out at aroud 2.5 weeks.

Is this wierd? Or are some flocks just more accepting than others?
Silkies seem to be typically more doocile and motherly, and may not mind the young ones. I'm not sure that you would have the same luck with other breeds though.
Good point. Well, if nothing else it is a good start. The flock will be calm and integrated when the new little ones come in. I'll keep a close eye, but hopefully the next phasing in will go just as smoothly.

And if the next 3 belong to breeds who don't play as nicely with others, they'll have to learn to get along (since everyone else will be bigger!!).
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