So I have my first broody


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Tallahassee, FL
So I have a chicken who has just stayed broody forever feels like 2-3 weeks already. She has shown no sign of letting up. It is her first time going broody. I had some rooster just now coming of age. 4 of them got wacked last weekend. I have one last rooster a Black copper maran rooster left. And with the amount of crowing he has been doing he'll get wacked soon. So I decided I'll let the broody try to incubate a few eggs. I have been seeing some fertile eggs when I make breakfast so I know some have been fertile. I fear she will break the broodiness before she is finished but she has been so steadfast. So I put them under yesterday and I'll hope and check everyday. I have an incubator if she breaks.

She's a speckled sussex and a little over a year old.

Wish me luck.

Kiz McLeod
Good luck. I have to ask though why are the roosters getting whacked
That is the essence. I keep laying hens and I got eggs to hatch out a few black copper marans to add to my flock. But first I don't have enough girls and space for 5 roosters. Second I live in a kind of upscale neighborhood, definately don't need 5 roosters attracting attention. I am going to try to keep the last boy but everyday at 5:30 AM he's ringing the chicken dinner bell with crowing about 15 times in a row. I tried to find them homes but people really don't want boys so they become my beloved dinner. I only have one acre in the suburbs, think 4000 sf houses on private roads then think 5 roosters see how long you think it will last.
I wasnt trying to sound rude or anything I just wasnt shure what you ment I had pictures of a mob style hit from a ****** nahbor
, I know alot of people eat there males and as much as I woudnt be able to eat anything I had raised I understand most people arnt any where near as whimpy as I am . I cant even squish bugs
, I dont have any hard feelings though I know these birds get love and happyness there whole lives and then are humanely sent to chiciken heaven much better then you can say for any chicken you buy at the store or fast food place
No it's a valid question. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but my hubby and I have gotten used to the work and the taste is unbelievable compared to the store. Hubby won't go back so now it is simply a matter of figuring out how to make it work in our neighborhood. We haven't lived there long and we are super close (relationship wise) to any of the neighbors some I'm just trying to keep the noise down so they don't do something stupid like call the cops. While I believe we can have chickens in our county, the rules don't say you can't, and depends on who you ask, if they go really upset it would become a noise nuisance complaint and I'd be hard pressed to argue I need 14 hens and one rooster.

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