So, I wrote a short story. "This is Where the World Ended."

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    I randomly had the idea for this story today and had to immediately sit and write it down. Tell me what you think!


    “This is where the world ended.”

    “Here? This seems like an odd place for the world to end.”

    “Why would it not end here?”

    “There were so many prettier places for it. Why not die in the rivers of Italy or under the Eiffel Tower?”

    “The world does not choose where it begins to die. It does not have to be a special place because to the world, there is no special place. It just lives.”

    “How did the world end?”

    “Oh, who can say. The world was very old and had been sick for quite some time. It suffered through some World Wars, quite a few tsunamis and near the end there, it’s tremors were getting quite bad. Maybe it’s heart gave out or maybe it simply ran out of the desire to keep breathing. We will never know exactly what killed the world, but it was time.”

    “Time? Time for the world to end? But I barely got to know it.”

    “You had many years with the world and these things just happen. Worlds end. It’s the cycle of life. It’s time you understand that.”

    “I don’t understand why the world had to end.”

    “Your world lived a very long time; you were lucky. Some worlds live only a few days. Some worlds never even finish developing and die before they’re born. Some worlds are just not fertile from the beginning. This world was strong and lived a full long life. You should be proud.”

    “Why bring me here? Why show me where the world ended? ”

    “It’s time to judge your world. I must know how you cared for your world, how you nurtured it.”

    “I created water and I created earth.”

    “Of course you did, that is how we make a world. How did you grow it?”

    “I created flowers that became fruit. I created bees that pollinated the flowers to make them fruit. I made the legs on bees to hold pollen so they can breed the plants. I created different types of every creature and every land and every weather so there would be variety. I made the wind go both ways. I created hills that could spew fire and destroy lives.”

    “You made war.”

    “I did not make war. I made humans; humans made war.”

    “You made humans to make war.”

    “I made humans to make war so they would be multi-faceted, so that they’d feel, so that they’d be capable of great things. It was necessary.”

    “Why did you make emotion?”

    “Emotion was necessary, too. Without emotion, my world would have never developed. Without emotion the deer would not mate; without emotion the mouse would not scamper from the hawk. I made emotions to cover all situations – death, danger, good fortune, logic, strength.”

    “Do you regret anything you made?”

    “I regret I could not keep the world alive longer. I regret not having the capability to know what to do to heal it’s wounds. I regret not understanding the health of the world. I do not regret anything I made for the world. Those were gifts. They were the world’s.”

    “They are gone now.”

    “I know. I can see. Nothing is left.”

    “How do you feel?”

    “I feel like I should have seen it coming. I should have known. The world had been telling me something was wrong for so long and I thought it would hold out longer. Why did the world have to end like this?”

    “Would you have rather it ended it some other way?”

    “I guess not; I only wish I could’ve spared it the pain of dying. Maybe if the world had died quicker, by surprise; but no, then it would’ve died too young. I wish the world tried harder. I wish it struggled more. I wish it wanted to live longer.”

    “Some worlds are weaker than others. Was your world weak?”

    “No! My world was not weak! My world had tidal waves, sharks, spiders that could kill creatures bigger than you or me and even great structures which would not break under great pressure. I made the winds that tried to blow them down, I made the floods that covered their tops; I even made the hurricanes that shredded the earth itself. I made sand that could withstand the hurricanes and rock that could withstand the sand and rock that could withstand the sun.”

    “Would you do it again?”

    “I would do it again. I would make brighter sunsets and softer clouds. I would make more courage and resolve. I would create more ideas, more paths and more destinies. I would make more souls. I would want more to live in the world I created, to see what I have made and to praise me.”

    “The world did not know who you are. The world knew nothing about you. It only made thoughts and ideas of what you were. What it created was it’s imagination reflected into the sky, a vision of what they perceived was you. Do you not know this?”

    “I did not know, it was only my first world. You are my first judge.”

    “Remember, you are not what the world makes you. The world is what you have made. Do not let them decide who you are and what you do. That is not up to them.”

    “So I can have a new world?”

    “Yes. But first, let’s give this world a proper burial. Give this world a proper eulogy. It lived long enough to deserve that much. It’s the least we can do.”
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    That was a truly beautiful story!!! You did great!!!
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    A round of applause: [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Very cool!
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    palestine texas
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    [​IMG] Very nice dialouge.
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    YAY! Thank you every one. It's the first short story I've written in years. I got my inspiration from chickens! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I'm glad it's not just me. [​IMG]
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    That was awesome!! It reminded me of my favorite book, The Last Battle by CS Lewis. and that's a good thing! I could totally picture these 2 beings standing on a precipice overlooking this empty, dark and cold place. Wow....
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    Quote:Wow, now there's a compliment. Thank you!

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