So is my black australorp a girl? Or??


May 19, 2016
So I have a roo, who is obviously a roo.

Then we have this one, who I thought was a girl, until her "crown" decided to sprout. Is it possible it's a smaller crown based only on the fact that we already have a dominant roo?
They're about 23 weeks, both were suppose to be pullets....
Yes, that is a rooster. A handsome one at that.

I found that the more dominant roosters are the ones to "sprout" first, at least when you have a large number of hens for them to argue over. That's how I tell who is going to be the best breeder, generally the first couple ones to mature are the most willing to cover the hens.
Oh, I was confused by the two pictures, I thought you were asking about the first one.

The second one does make me think pullet also. Sorry about the confusion.

The more I read, the more I think she might be a she. This is the one I got before the roo decided that I was too close to his "girl" (what a jerk). But I'm going to see if I can get a better one.

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