So, is the float test accurate?

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8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
So, we float tested 11 maran, barnie and OE eggs that are on day 23 fully believing they were duds. According to the float test, all are viable and may still hatch, so back in the incubator they went. Is this test reliable, and does this mean that we may still have babies on the way??????? PLease tell me yes!!!
I did the same today with my loner on day 24. From what I've read it is more hopeful if they move in the water, as well as float...mine seemed to move from the center of the bowl to the side (water was still) and around the bowl. I also candled and the air space is getting smaller. My question is since the humidity has been up since day 18, will they be any different that a chick that had too much humidity in the first 17?
So they are alive then for sure? If so, I hope they gather themselves up for a big karate chop out of those eggs. .

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