So just how good are 'scovies at eating flies?


13 Years
May 13, 2010
I have noticed an increased population of regular old house flies in my duck run...I CAN'T have that. My run is mostly packed dirt.(used to be grass
).I have been hosing down the run every other day with my garden hose to "wash" the poo down in, but it makes the corners by the water and pool so muddy. I cannot right now afford to fill with pea gravel/sand so I started using hay to cover the ground. I just started this two days ago. I'm going to attempt the deep litter method for now. I heard muscovies eat this true for all scovies or is it individual based? If they are good at eating flies...I will get some!
Thanks as usual for your responses
Mine are only turning 4wks(tuesday) but there quite good at bug catching although i am sure others who have owned the breed longer could give you more details just how good

I like the fly strip idea, i also know since we own horses that wet hay left about will for sure grow flies lol my manue pile is just ripe with them.
I was watching our little ducklings out in the yard running through the grass and catching bugs and flies just yesterday. They are too cute.

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