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8 Years
May 14, 2011
We treated our birds with sevin mixed with DE and I am wondering if the eggs are still safe or if I should toss.
We treated them because I suspect mites.
I don't toss eggs after I've dusted, only if I need them to eat or drink antibiotics. I could be wrong tho.
Also....if you suspect mites, after dusting, the more important thing imo, is to check the coop and bedding, as that's where the infestations really take a hold. If you have an infestations, on birds or in coop, you will not need to will see them. This isn't really the season for them, so check the bedding very well.
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I did pull ALL the shavings from the coop and fully dusted the coop with a DE and sevin mixture. I made sure to get the roosts very well especially the ends and undersides. I rubbed the DE and sevin into the wood.

I think it is the fluff louse that I am dealing with since the fuzzy feathers are looking tattered. I have 2 birds that have naked necks on the front side. I think it is from scratching. One is a BA and the other is an EE.

I am still trying to get my hands on some actual poultry dust. The farm supply store near me has nothing.
OHHHHHHHH but they are getting new babies in February.

I could not find any actual mites or bugs on the birds or in the coop. But then from what I have read they can be really hard to see.

I will be changing or adding to the wire on my run to keep the wild birds out.

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