So now what??????

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11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
West Michigan we have a rooster that is about 6 months old, eating layer mash now, and has pine bedding in the coop. Because of other symptoms with other chickens, we have wormed and dusted for mites/lice. We did that on now one of our roos is "purring". There is no discharge from nose, eyes, and everyone is eating great!! I have also given them yogurt and some probiotic paste I got from the feed mill.

So what now?????
I am getting sooooo frustrated. This is our second year with chickens and it seems like everything has hit at once. It has been a very wet, cold summer for us, and currently it has been cold and raining.

Does anyone have any advice???? I'm at a lose
, and I always get the help I need here

I will be headed to the feed mill again tomorrow for whatever else I am going to need.

Thanks in advance,
What do you mean by "'purring'". Do you mean that he's wheezing or rattling?
I know some of our chickens (roo's and hens) will make a sound when they are content that sounds like a purr.
If he is wheezing or rattling an antibiotic may help, and you should quarantine him. Keep him warm and dry. Sorry, I'm not very good with internal issues, but that's what I do know.
Hope he's OK!
Is it more of a gurgle than a purr. Kinda like raspy breathing? The reason I ask is because some chickens trill or at least that is what I call it. Hubby calls it purring.

Edit: I think me and the above poster had the same thought at the same time
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Not knowing what all went on before I'll suggest that the dust you used has irritated his airway. Not an uncommon occurrence when using dust of any kind.

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