So proud of my mama girl

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9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
SE Georgia
My broody hatched 6 babies 2 days ago. She finally brought them out into the yard this morning. A storm snuck up on us and the chickens were caught in a down pour. I'm guessing she couldn't make it back to the brooder so she huddled them under a pile of brush. We went out there shortly after it started to make sure the chicks were ok and found her huddled in a puddle under the brush pile. The poor mama was so soaked and shivering and I thought the worst about the chicks. We gently picked her up to move her to the brooder and when I lifted her up all 6 babies were as dry and fluffy as can be and just fine. She really took one for the team. She is now drying out and all chicks are perfect. I'm so proud of my good mama!
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