So sad, none of my eggs hatched...


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Apr 24, 2009
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I won a bid on here in early May for some bantam turken eggs, and I was so excited for my daughter because she has been hounding me for turkens, so when we won the bid she was thrilled. Well, I didn't yet have my incubator, so I asked my neighbor who is much more experienced than me, and has a really good incubator and years of incubating eggs experience, to incubate my eggs for me. She agreed and we set the eggs to incubate. Well, the 13th rolled around, the day they were suppose to hatch, and she waited patiently for them to hatch, and listened as they began to pip and roll around, and then nothing. All 8 eggs died, not a single one hatched. My daughter is upset and is now worried that the eggs that I put in our incubator on the 7th of this month won't hatch. We got some eggs from a BYC'er that are suppose to be BLRW/Welsummer/BO crosses, and we already lost one egg when the shell cracked, so we have 9 left. I turn them, I add water when it is low, and the temp stays even, but I don't know if they will hatch. I did candle them about 7 days in and a couple of them I couldn't even see through, a couple were still completely clear, and one or two looked like maybe, just maybe, there was the faint images of veins beginning in them. But I am still kinda down that we lost the turken eggs. I'll have to find some more later, or try to find chicks. It's sad to loose an entire hatch.


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May 5, 2009
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I know how you feel..I just candled three bators this morning each with about 3 doz eggs..I had 4 1/2 doz no good eggs..all shipped..of these there was only one order that they were all bad..the others had 3-4 that were good..I have several dozen that I picked up locally and they are all growing..but that is the chance we take with shipped eggs..all of mine were wonderfully I would blame it on the rough treatment getting here..and time really is depressing though..



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I'm so sorry for the lost turkens. It's always depressing when you don't get the hatch you were hoping for. But, you have to look forward and learn as much as you can in the process, and hopefully the next hatch will be better! GOOD LUCK!

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