So sad!

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    In the case of fox taking the birds, they often stash their kills for later meals. Some preds just kill them all for the thrill of doing so. Regardless you have my deepest sympathy.

    They could be just as satiated eating rabbits or what not. But, as many say, "everything loves chicken."
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    Oh my. This is sad, indeed. :hit Could have happened to anyone. When you don't know you have a particular predator it can take you by complete surprise. I just lost 3 to a pair of bald eagles who have never hunted our chickens in 4 years. It's the same pair of eagles, but things changed on the river , so this year they had to expand their resources. Now I'm fortified against them. I cried and cried too. I had my 3 girls for 4 years. There's more to it, but I don't want to sidetrack your post. Just want you to know I know how you feel. :hugs

    We have never seen foxes around here, and now I wonder if I need this electric netting too. Maybe someone could tell us both how that works. Wont it also electrocute the chickens? What about the gate? Perhaps I should just search for a thread on that.

    I do hope your bantams survived and are just hiding out.:oops: :fl I'm so so sorry.


    Jan 31, 2019
    MY heart cries for your loss....i love my girls too,,,i lost a 4 week old silkie to a raccoon, pulled it right thru the wire door....i now have fort knox
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