So Sad..

I can't imagine what either one of them must have been feeling at that moment.....
Sad, but also wonderful.

I am a full organ donor. They can have anything that may be of some use; up to and including my skin.

My mom wasn't an organ donor, but she had signed an eye donor card. One of the biggest comforts to me when Mom passed away was just a few days after her funeral when the Lion's Eye Bank representative told us that despite her age, Mom's eyes were in wonderful shape. Two transplants and two people that were able to see because of my mom's gift.

Why did mom do it? Because when I was a child and needed glasses we couldn't afford them. The Lions took care of making sure I had regular eye exams and glasses. It was Mom's way of giving back.

Yes, it was sad but wonderful...
That little girl gave such a precious gift to that lady and her family.
Gee! Thanks RedHen! No really thank you. I was having an awful day and this remimded me just how blessed I am.

Please sign those cards. You have no idea what you can do, or when you could be called upon to do it. I have been told that I cannot donate my organs to a living donor. But, I have signed over my body to science. (It's fairly specific in my will.)

Organ donation is one way to find something good in such a tragic loss.
I am an organ donor also. I have even had the discussion with my kids and they also want to be donors. My 10 year old didn't quite understand at first but once she understood that they weren't going to take anything if she was still "alive" she was ok with it. lol.

We have also done the "Be the match" bone marrow program and I donate blood every 8 weeks. I figure I can make more and if anything that I can do could help someone have even one more day with their child or loved one it is worth it.

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