So should I get some buff laced polish? and a Maran roo?

CA Bean

11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
Central Coast -California
Ok so I have been on the hunt for some rarer, unique birds now and this is what I have came up with locally. (I will probably go to a poultry show in the near future)

So..the bl Polish look really pretty but heard they can be spooky..? These are supposedly show quality as she has shown them in shows/fairs and they aren't cheap. They are not what I was looking for originally ( Marans, Welsummers, BLR Wyandottes..etc) but my hubby said he would love to have a chicken with top hats...also anything less than the standard around this area are really hard to come by. Will I regret it if I don't get them? She is moving and selling a lot of her flock over the weekend.
Oh and she says she has 1 cuckoo maran cockeral that is really sweet. Was thinking of getting him- she has no pullets nor hens. I want both to create my own flock of them eventually or atleast an olive egg.
My limited experience with polish chickens is that the other chickens tend to pick on them. My brother-in-law had to split his coop in two and make another run for his polish chickens. They were even raised together since day old chicks.
I have had quite a few Polish chickens, that is what the breed is called, Polish or Top Hats, I have a pair of Black and Whites right now that I raised from chicks, and one Buff hen, and they are by far, out of 90 plus birds, the most skittish birds I have, more so than my Gamebirds, etc...They are neat birds to look at, just silly.
As for the Cuckoo Marans Rooster - Get him while you can, I would. My Cuckoo Rooster is the best gentleman in my pet area, and he watches out for not only his ladies, but for me as well. He even comes running to protect me if he thinks the evil Snowball (my white silkie rooster) is going to attack me. I love my Cuckoo Rooster, he has a fantastic disposition, and he is a very prolific breeder as well!
Im glad you are getting some of the birds you want!
Thanks so much for the responses!!! I was still contiplating back and forth up until now. I really appreciate it.
Thanks so much for this. This settles it, I think I will take the Maran Roo, although I don't have a female...but I do have EE so I guess I could get an olive egger? I am feeling that I probably won't take the show Polish since they are expensive and she did say they are a little flighty.

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