So should I let the chicks out to play ....


9 Years
Jan 21, 2011
Hernando, FL
My 25 babies are due to arrive this coming up week from IDEAL and since our Florida weather has been in the mid 80's lately, do you think once they are about 3 weeks or so I can let them out to play during the day time in the chicken run* or should I keep them inside under the light?

I was planning on gathering them all up and bringing them back in before the temps start to drop ... say around 5ish.

What's your opinions?
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Well, I'm in Kansas and we haven't seen 80 yet this year. My current batch started spending a few hours a day outside when they were three weeks old.
You can actually let them out younger than that, but just for short periods of time, like an hour or so. Keep an eye on 'em to make sure they're not getting too chilled.

25 chicks might be a tad bit .... fun..... to gather up for bringing back inside, though.
I live in NC, when it's 70 and sunny I take them out into the pen for like 10 minutes. They are three weeks old too.
I have 2 EE chicks that are 3 weeks old. Mostly feathered bodies with fluff on the head and under the wings. I live in Oregon and it is in the 40s and I let mine out in a small pen for about an hour if its not raining too hard. They have a momma but dont use her or huddle together. They are fine. But only for a very short period of time and I check on them constantly.

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