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Olda Bat

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7 Years
Mar 19, 2012
Hi all,
I'm a first timer....and LOVING it. All of it....except for when my Australorp got wry neck...but because of the wonderful people on this forum, we were able to get her healthy again. And she is back to normal. Thank you, wonderful people.

I'm just curious...we have 8 week old chicks...a Rock, a Black Star, a Red Star, and Australorp and an Orpington. All of them are roughly the same size except the Orpington. She has the same amount of feathers and skills (even better...she is the quickest and most agile of the group), but she is so much smaller. And, at this point, is starting to get stepped on a lot and bullied. But she is the sweetest of them all. I love my little Ethel. Why is she so much smaller than the rest when they are all large breeds and the same age? Do Orpingtons grow that much slower than the others? Could I possibly have a bantum in the bunch?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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