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Discussion in 'Quail' started by GBov, May 30, 2010.

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Wish I had had the camera with me this morning. I went out to collect the eggs from my Coturnix and found them in a sweet little nest all piled up neat and tidy [​IMG]

    I have them on sand and have given them a pile of cedar branches and they are laying in them but this is the first actual nest they have made.

    The are such funny little things and showing more and more natural behavior all the time, are they ever able to brood, hatch and raise their own chicks?

    They arnt half savage to an injured one, had to take one of them out this morning, its eye is all swollen and bloody. She is eating and sand bathing alright in with the finches. In fact, it will work out really well having her in with them to eat their spilled food but would have rather put her in UN injured! [​IMG]
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    Coturnix very rarely go broody, and few of those stick to the next. Recently some one here had a coturnix hatch, she was keeping hers on the ground in a more natural setting. Check out wifezilla.
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    Quote:Quote:As most people here will tell you quails in captivity DO NOT go broody, if you want them to go broody you must give them as close to a wild enviroment and you can. I think what happened with wifezilla she roughy her quails had hatched some babies but i think it turn out to be just a baby sparrow that had fallen off the nest. I think it's luck if you get your quails to go broody I've seen some post here roo that some people have their quails go broody.

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