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14 Years
Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
My Coop
My Coop
We live in a way-old decrepid farm house, always remodeling something. Do something inside, something outside goes kaput. Do something outside... something inside needs done.

So, there's a spot on the back sunroom where a coon has pulled some rotted wood off the roof overhang, knocking the gutter off in the process. (newer addition, didn't get the box gutters... long story)

So, this coon residence is about 40 feet from the chickens. The chickens are locked up tight. The building is solid, 3/4 in plywood, insulated, plastic sheating, the whole 9 yards. The door is small, framed sturdy, tough old latch I have to put some muscle on to open. I re-checked the rabbit wire to make sure it was still sturdy in between the framing boards... all sound.

I got a visual on the coon a couple nights ago, I thought maybe it had left, since I hadn't seen it. Still there!

My dogs want it, bad. My female Shepherd is 90 pounds of willing hunter, but I don't want her tangling with this coon.

The location makes shooting it impossible. My brother is a great shot, military training and all, proper weaponry on hand. BUT, if he injuries it, it'll retreat and stink the place up when it dies. No way to go fish it out.

It needs out of the house, and away from the house, preferably dead.

The roof is slanted on both sides, so a live trap would have to be secured some how.

Don't want anything that'll make it die or possibly die in the roof of the house.

Need a trap idea other than chaining a trap through the window to attach to the bed post in my room! So far that's all we've thought of. Course, if that's the only option... I'll just have to pull a trapped coon through my bedroom and escort it out to meet it's fate.

Catch and release just isn't an option... coons are awful here.

We boarded up another spot on the roof edge squirrels were using, and they chewed through another part to escape. Not cool!
We battle coons also. I used to feel sorry for them....not anymore. We do live trap them...then shoot them. If you put a deer cam up, you will find that he must come out of his hole to eat. Trust night, he is moving and grooving. Put a live trap on the ground with cat food in the middle of the trap. To close to the back and he will just reach through and scoop it out. Must be in the middle where his little arms won't reach. It may take a night or two. Depends on how brave he is...but you will snag 'em. Then no chances. Shoot him in the cage. Humanely of course. But....tried to live trap and release..They know a good thing. They come back. So, a quick bullet will do the trick.

Good luck and may the force be with you before he or she either breeds or does more damage to your home.
Sorry for your coon problems.

Stupid pre-coffee questions:
Why do I have to call it remodeling or redecorating if it was never properly modeled or decorated in the first place?
What is the exponential formula for fixing things to breaking things? ie, what is the inverse equation or ratio for things I finally get fixed to the things I find desparately need repair/fixing/replacing on a day to day or moment to moment occurence?

PS. I had a cat bring in a rat that escaped and died behind the cabinets. Walked in at two am with a den of drenched cub scouts escaping the tornado warnings at camp. What a memory for all. What a smell. After two hours of searching I had to give up until morning. It was behind the cabinet. I STILL remember the smell. So I really understand your concerns.

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