So this is it and I need advice.

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1. got my eggs in the mail today, how long after opening them do I let the sit before putting them in the bator. Picked up at 8-9 am will put in at 9 tonight OK?

2. I have a new hygr/thermo, digital so I'm going w/ that for this hatch. Starting out w/ a humid of 35 and a temp of 99.1 . Instructions say to trust the machine. This is a new incu and I dont' have time to wait for these very important eggs. So are these numbers ok? I have just opened the incu because I put my old round walmart hygro in and it' s 10 off at 25, so the temp dropped a little. its' been running for 24 hrs. and stays 99.5 99.6 or so give or take.

3. When I need to add water I can add it w/ a straw using the vent hole?

4. The vent hole is unplugged right? During the for the entire time?

5. humidity 35-40 for 18 days and 70 after that?

This is a new Hova bator 1588.

Please understand these are the most important eggs in the world to me right now. Delawares the most wonderful chicken in the world.


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I usually wait 24hrs but read on here that 12hrs is ok to let them rest. Your temp and humidity are right. And I have no clue about the vent hole. I leave one open usually the entire time. But I have an LG so I don't know how yours compares to mine other than yours is supposed to be much better...

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Is the 1588 the Genesis? i have a couple of those. Your temp sounds right. On the humidity, personally, i keep it at about 50% for the first 18 days then up it to 65%. i thought i read to keep the vent hole plugged until they start hatching, then open it so they can get air. Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but this is what i've been doing.

On the eggs, i have heard that you let them sit in a cool place (about 50-60 degrees or so) with the large end up for 24 hours. It can be as little as 8-12 hours.

Up until lock-down at day 18, you can just open up the top and add water. At day 18 add in the extra water to boost your humidity. After that, using a straw through a vent hole is a good way to increase the humidity.

Any other questions, just ask. Lot's of experienced folk on this board happy to help.


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I got my eggs in the mail today too. Thanks for asking my question so I didn't have to.
I'm hatching for the first time and in a homemade bator to boot! Yikes!


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I'd go with the bator's temp. Sounds fine. I keep my humidity between 35 and 50% the first 18 days. And you can put them in if they aren't cold to the touch now-that just prevents condensation if you wait till they warm to near room temp. I keep the vent plugs in for most of the incubation, then open them up a bit the day before hatch to allow in more oxygen.

When you put them in, the temp will drop until each egg comes up to the bator's air temp, so don't panic. Just leave it be and in a day, it should be back up there.


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Hello Friends, ---I'd like to be a member of this illustrious group --if I may---My grandson and I just just put 148 eggs in the incubator. this is our second try. The first time we set 44 and ended up with 28 chicks. that was 2 weeks ago.
we just couldn't help ourselves, needed to try again. got some eggs from my mother--she has Barred Rocks , eggs from a friend we had given a New Hampshire rooster to--to use on his R I R hens. and we have some hens we are using Delaware roosters on.---plus a couple Bantam Cochins.
any way good luck to everyone

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