So two chickens in the past few days...


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Apr 7, 2015
Well we've lost two chickens in the past few days as the tread title says, First one was our rooster. Our three and a half year old saw the rooster being chased by a "big black dog". I really hope its not somebodies dog... or a bear. My money is on a dark colored coyote or a wild dog. In which case, they came right to our front door and killed it. I would have expected a dog to take out more than one bird at a time. Their were a few spots with a large group of feathers for each attack and a light trail of feathers in between the groups. I found one wing left behind. The attacks seem to be happening between Noon and 6pm, around 3pm at best guess which seems odd for a coyote, as well as an attack at the front door. We have 2 large dogs that leave a ton of scent around as well. So it seems really odd. Whatever it is attacking seems really aggressive. Whatever it is takes one route out the back of our property but the trail stops cold on our property.

My plan for tomorrow is to run over-watch and see if I can spot anything and put it down. An animal taking out my chickens is reason enough to terminate it but I'm afraid for my 3 1/2 year old going outside.
The chickens free range, so yes. Although the trail does not lead directly to a neighbor... I don't just believe what my neighbor or my son tells me but it does not sound like its a neighbors dog... I would have expected a neighbors dog to kill all the birds instead of taking one at a time... but if it is, I hope you're not my neighbors dog...

It's raining :/
Yikes! We lost a bird last week in the daytime to what we are guessing is a coyote, one pile of feathers in our yard, something big enuf to kill it fast and carry it off while we were in the house. Any nocturnal wild predators can and do come out in the day, tho in our ten years on this farm, this is a first for daytime loss. The 2 people I know whose chickens were killed by dogs did lose every chicken in those attacks. But if yours are free ranging maybe the dog would just get one. No more free range for our remaining girls. We have put a lot of work this week into expanding their run, burying wire fencing, etc.
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Lost two birds today, saw it was a coyote. The only chance I had to get him he was between me and the neighbors house... and then he or his partner came back. First one that was picked off was a young turkey, not a lot of meat, second was a full grown hen. We were right there and it didn't phase him. Rest of the birds scattered but we got them back and they're in lock down. Have different plans for the next few days, we'll see how it goes.
The amount of work that I'd have to do for what I would consider a secure run... it ain't going to happen with 5 month old twins.
A friend of ours has an electric chicken fence with step in posts to make it quick set up and also movable. But i've priced them and they start around $200 and not safe from hawks. A neighbor has a Pyrenees mix dog to guard their flock. That's hit or miss, getting a good dog....

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