so we have do i clean coop/chickens without getting it on me? what's the step by step?

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    hope you can help. i need to clean the coop, chickens and remove the straw. how does one do that without getting lice on oneself and bringing it into the house? what protective gear to wear? can i breathe the savin?

    thanks, joy

    btw, after having had chickens for four years, i figured out why we got a lice infection. i have had straw, but recently (last six months) have increased the amount of straw in their run, giving them no place for a dust bath. my bad! i'm going to rectify that immediately.
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    You can get some throwaway single use coveralls, booties and use a face mask.
    One should always use a face mask when cleaning chicken coops - lice or no lice.
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    Poultry lice isn't compatible with people. If they get on you, they won't stay. You should wear gloves and a set of work clothes that you can either wash right away or toss out. Tie everything from the coop like they hay in a bag real tight and toss it out. You'll want that gone and away as soon as possible. Next you should spray out the coop, scrubb-a-dubbing time...then a fresh layer of chicken dust on everything and the chickens then a fresh layer of pine bedding.
  4. joypeters

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    Apr 19, 2010
    northridge, california
    thanks guys! so glad to hear that chicken lice doesn't live on humans! i just read on e-how that i should put cedar chips in the coop. is that true?

    also, what do i spray the coop with? and can i eat the eggs afterwards? and how long is the coop unuseable? is there a waiting period between spraying the putting the chickens back in?

    thanks for all your help.

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