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    Read captions for orgin:

    This one was hatched by us: Rooster was Welsummer, is Mom a Speckled Sussex you think?

    From the same hatch: Same Roo - could be Welsummer or Golden Comet Hen? Egg was not very dark though. Look under my name on post for types of other hens I have.

    These two came with the Meyer Hatchery Rainbow Pullet pack.. one is injured (feathers pecked) so they are separated from the flock right now.

    No clue - Meyer Rainbow Pullet pack. She's a fast little bugger though!!!

    Looks kind of thin to be a buff... but WOW! She is beautiful. Biggest of all the same hatch date chicks.
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    Jul 21, 2010
    last one is a buff orp
    second to last I think is a EE not sure it has yellow legs
    befor the the EE is somthing splash
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    First, the hatchery birds -

    The first one looks like a Columbian Rock or an Easter Egger (single or pea comb?) And I'm betting it is a cockerel.

    Second one is a Brown Leghorn pullet.

    Third is a Buff Orpington pullet.

    Now, with your hatches -

    The first does indeed have Sussex, but certainly won't give you any speckling (if it would, you'd see a white chest on it by now)

    The second is definitely a Welsummer color.
  4. aimeeinwv

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    Quote:That's what I'm thinking on the hatches. I'd say the hen was Sussex but the Welsummer Roo took away some speckles. I'm thinking that one is a Roo too.

    The last one does indeed look like a wellie. Could be a roo too. Egg was really light colored, not the color of my wellie eggs... I guess we'll soon see! :eek:)

    Hatchery birds. Leghorn pullet would be great! It's a spazzy bird too... acts crazy!~

    thank you all! Keep up the suggestions! I'm curious!

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