So, what are you going to do with two turkeys?

Heidi T

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Dec 10, 2013
It was an empty gesture. I purchased one ticket to win a live turkey. I wasn't worried because I never win anything. I won two turkeys. They come from a commercial farm and I assume have been on treated food and water their entire lives. The poor things are dirty and sad looking. I am going to wean them off treated water and don't have (can't afford) treated feed. I also know the will not live long.

I am going to incorporate them into my chicken flock in about a month, unless it snows or gets below zero. I have an 8x8 coop that is a little tight for the six chickens I already have. How much room am I going to bribe my husband to add on? Is a month good to keep them separated? Can turkeys eat scratch, laying crumbles and meat bird mix that I already feed the chickens in the winter? I know about disease and possible pecking issues. To quote my loving and tolerant husband "What the hXXX are we going to do with TWO TURKEYS!" They will not be Thanksgiving or Christmas food.

They are staying in my chicken tractor (3x8) until the weekend when we (my loving hubby) can build a bigger separate pen.



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Dec 9, 2008
Lake Isabella, CA
Make DH a nice dinner and ask him for a turkey run. They don't need a coup, just some shelter. Read up on here about them and welcome to the fun. Sounds like you'll fit right in.

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