So when we started this chicken stuff..we decided on 8


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
so then DH said well we should get at least a few more in case of roos...
so we decided 16..then it went to 20...then the minimum order was 25 lol..
so we ordered 28...2 we had 26...then i went to
Rural King last night and got 2 to replace my passed away ones..
then of course the kids had to pick out one for them..

so we have 31...but I only ordered 8 originally...

is that how it works? LOL...

OK FESS UP...Make me not look so bad to hubby..
how many do you have???
Chicken math: Gotta love it!

Ok i originally wanted 2
A guy who had a crush on my sister gave her his two best birds (silver phoenix pair)
One of the hens died from spider bite.
I bought two silkies to make up for that.
Bought a much bigger coop as well.
Sold the phoenixes, bought another silkie rooster and an EE
Silkie went broody, hatched nothing out. Bought 3 day old-leghorns for her.
Sold the EE, Silkie hens, and two of the leghorns.
Wanted to buy another silkie hen. Guy who was selling her had silkie babies for sale. Guess what i did? 4 more silkies.
Hatched out 7 silkie eggs. (for some SQ birds)
2 silkies died.
Went to a friends house, he had australorps and comet week-olds...
Guess what i did?

Final count: 17.
Original count: 2.
So we planned on 4 hens. We started incubating 12 eggs (they all turned out to be infertile), but while incubating, we built our coop. (originally for 4 birds). We could not wait for chicks so we wanted to buy some hens from the guy that let us borrow his incubator. He have us two hens. An olive egger (Pamela) and a Dark Cornish (Gertrude).

When the eggs did not hatch, we decided to go buy some chicks. We got 5 chicks from a man here locally that were "Ameracauna" AKA Easter Eggers that were various shades of blue. They started looking like at least 3 were roos, so we decided to go get 3 pullet chicks from Atwoods (they get from Ideal). So we got three. We are giving two hens back to the guy that gave us some, just to be nice. We also have someone that will take the extra roos (they are real pretty). So I had this brooder with three chicks and thought, they are cheap, why not get 3 more. So I did.

We enclosed the bottom of the coop to make another whole coop with 4 more nest boxes and so the coop can hold 8 chickens, and has the possibility to be expanded for more. We also made a run to attach to it, to accomadate more chickens.

So our plan was 4, then maybe 6, then 7 and now 8. We have 14 now, but will give away the roos and the two extra hens!
Well we first wanted just three, but shipping was high for that many so we went with Ideal and ordered 10 and they shipped 10 extra for warmth. Then one died after shipping, one has crossbeak. sold 9 of the extras (kept one for flock), plus the one crossbeak. That left us with 9, since my daughter was sad about selling some we went to TSC and got 6 EE's they were straight run. Then she said we still needed more color so we went back and got 6 red pullets. Now we are up to 21 chicks! Hubby hasn't noticed the increase of chicks yet but some are going to a friend, but in return they are giving me one bantam. Hopefully we won't end up more than 15, but who knows with this chicken math!
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Tuesday I went to Meyer to pick up 3 and came home with 12. I need to stay away from TSC or I will be in big trouble
I wanted 3 hens, the husband didn't want any. I built a coop plenty big for 3 hens. The husband found my McMurray catalog and went ape for ducks. So instead of 3 chicks from the feedstore we ordered 25 chicks and 11 ducks from McMurray. Kept 6 pullets, 1 roo and 5 ducks.

4 yrs later I am amazingly down to the 3 layers I wanted plus a roo, but the husband now has 6 ducks and a growing number of flocks of bantams he wants to breed and show. We have 2 incubators, 2 brooders, 6 coops, 25 more chicks on order and 2 dozen hatching eggs coming soon.
Gotta love that chicken math!

I wanted 6 - 8 birds but bought 10 at the local hatchery
Dog got 7 so I went to replace them and had a total of 13
That wasn't enough so I bought 4 started pullets and a few more chicks
Then I hatched a 4 silkies and 4 FBCM's from shipped eggs
Sold the silkies -werent what I was looking for
Bought more silkies from a breeder a couple of different times
Bought 7 more chicks from the hatchery
Hatched more eggs out - 12 (8 of which were roo's)
Sold 9 hens gave away 2 of the roo's, the rest went to freezer camp
Hatched out 13 more chicks two weeks ago
have 6 under three broodies

I think there are some other additions and subtractions throughout all of that but I can't remember everything. I wanted only 6-8 but they were just so cute I couldn't resist to get more and my current number (not counting eggs I have coming, eggs under broodies, 15+ quail I have comming in about 2 weeks, 12- 15 chicks I will be ordering, or the 15 ducks I have coming) is at 48.
This all happened since April of 09!

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