Soap Nuts anyone?


Lyon Master
16 Years
Feb 8, 2007
Has anyone ever tried these?

They are a seed from a tree that is supposed to clean your laundry naturally, and my neighbor has been selling them I guess. She gave me a pouch to try. I used them last night but was not aware that you needed to use warm or hot water for them if you just throw them in the laundry. I use cold mostly and you need to soak them first in HOT water and then use that for your laundry.
I saw this informative website that told me this

I think its pretty cool. Just wanted to see if anyone else might have heard of them?
I've tried them, but honestly they didn't work for me. I found they just didn't get the clothes clean - still had dirty collars and stains etc. I tried different temps too. I wouldn't get them again.

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