Socializing an adult duck? Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by donnavee, Oct 25, 2010.

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    May 7, 2009
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    We have a nearly 5mo old Black East Indies duck that we got when she was about 3mo old. I know one duck isn't recommended, but we rescued her so there was no other choice. We finally found another Black East Indies female at the fair so we bought her to be a friend. Don't know her exact age, but we were told she was last years hatch, so over a year old. We have had the new duck for 3 days now and the two get along fine, but I don't see them really hanging out that much together.

    But my real concern is how the new one acts toward us. We give treats in the morning which the existing duck goes crazy for, but the new one just cowers in a corner no matter how much we coax her. She seems OK, until my husband or I get within 3 ft of her when she acts like we are coming at her with an ax. Is she just too old to ever get used to us or do you think she will eventually come around? Should I try catching and holding her or will that just make it worse?
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    I would just give her time. I bet when she figures out that you are the "treat wagon" she will come around! Be patient...
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    She just needs time. Do the same routine each day to ease her. Ducks do not like changes and you can see it for days. I bet she will be a different duck in a week. She just needs to learn that you are a good person and she can trust you.
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    I agree with what has been said, it may take time. I wouldn't hold her unless she begs you to. Many ducks don't like to be held and it might make things worse. Perhaps she would like you to hold her later on.
  5. rainplace

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    Do your chores and don't push it.

    If you want to do more than that, put a chair where you keep them, get a book, sit down and ignore them.

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