Soft Egg from a newly adopted RIR orphan

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    May 8, 2011
    Hi, I have recently adopted two RIR hens from a local shelter. No idea how old they are but they are adults. They didn't lay until recently (been here a few weeks). One, I don't know which, is laying beautiful big brown eggs, but the other's have small soft spots on the smaller of the rounded ends. I have never seen a molting hen and don't know if that is what is happening or if it matters in this situation, but one seems to be throwing a lot of feathers. I feed them layer feed, yogurt, a little cheese as a treat and they do free range for a few hours per day (all day on weekends). Anyone have any thoughts? I don't really care about the eggs - they are a bonus - I just want to be sure she's ok. I have 6 other hens who lay fine eggs.

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    Molting maybe.... Their health good otherwise? No Mites or parasites?
    Here is everything you ever wanted to know about eggs. including shell less or soft eggshells.
    Even if it doesn't answer your questions its a good read. The website has lots of info on chickens as well but its not maintained.

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    You might want to get a sack of oyster shell to give them. It'll probably help with the shells.

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