Soft Egg Stuck!


9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
My best layer has a prolapsed uterus with a soft egg stuck inside, i think, as i cannot push it back in. She is in a cat crate all cleaned up, in the dark. any other suggestions> ?
Put her in a tub of warm soapy water to see if you can get the egg passed and push the prolapsed vent back in. She could use a dose of calcium, as in a crushed adult tablet or Tums. Honey or PreparationH can help in shrinking the prolapse after you get the egg out. Try not to break the egg if possible, but you need to get the prolapse pushed in as soon as possible. I really have no experience in this, other than reading about it, so I'm hoping others can chime in.
Thanks, I put her in a bath, it seems less swollen, but I still can't get it back in. I don't think there is an egg in there after all... she did get 2 out today, one hard, one soft. She drank some water with dissolved tums and ate some yogurt.... Hope to get some prep H tomorrow... Hope she gets better!!!

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