soft eggs & having trouble seeing??

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    May 23, 2007
    Help. I'm new to this chicken thing but I'm having
    a blast with it. I've got two adults and 4 younger kids. One of the adult hens molted shortly after I got them and stopped laying. Recently she's laid a few eggs (nothing very consistant). But her eggs are very soft (almost leathery). I also noticed while trying to feed her a piece of bread that she doesn't seem like she see's very well. She peaked at the piece of bread but never actually got the bread. She is able to move around the house/coop/etc without any problems. They are eating layer's mash and do get oyster shells. The other adult chicken has been doing fine. Does anyone have any ideas??
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    Feb 28, 2007
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    Sounds to me like she might be needing a vitamin supplement. How old is this hen? Maybe giver her a drop of polyvisol a day, for a few days. ( baby vitamins) This should perk her back up after a molt.
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    May 12, 2007
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    Last week one of my girls layed eggs with no shell. I started to give them a hand full of cheap dry catfood. I had read that it is a great cheap way to give your chickens calcuim. It works great....everyone is back to normal.
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    A good poultry supplement like aviacharge 2000 (you can purchase from mcmurry or strombergs) or check at your feed store for one of the "Rooster Booster" vitamins supplement products (it is not a complete one though like aviacharge) is a much better supplement than cat food (which can cause serious problems in the long term due to the wrong ratios of vitamins in relation to each other and dosage as it is formulated for a cat and not a bird)... yogurt (the live culture one and not the desert/flavored kind) is a great source of calcium.
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