soft eggs, poop on butt, feathers around vent look bad


May 4, 2015
forked river, new Jersey
Hi- I'm new to raising livestock but been doing pretty well so far, until this. We have 4 barred rocks who have started laying within the last month. We've been doing our best to track who is laying and we know that 2 out of the 4 are laying consistently. Within the last week we have gotten about 3 soft eggs. Did my research and I don't think it's calcium deficiency because we put oyster shells in with food and we haven't had a problem with any bullying. Today my bf was checking on the girls after another soft egg and noticed 1 had poop stuck in her feathers under her vent and the feathers looked almost bare towards her skin. Now I don't know know if that's just because they are wet or something but they def don't look like the other girls feathers. That's what's really concerning me - I can deal with a poop butt but if this is the same hen laying the soft eggs I'm wondering if something more is going on. any feedback would be helpful - thanks


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Apr 3, 2011
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This is currently happening with my barred rock. What did you do?
This is an old thread. You may get more views and answers if you start a new thread of your own. How old is your hen and has she been laying very long? Soft eggs can be common in a brand new layer, and in older hens if they are having problems with their reproductive tract. Viruses can affect egg shells as well. If she is getting poop stuck, try removing the dried stuff, and trimming any excess fluff that gets stuck. A warm soak in soapy water may also help if you can bring her sinside to dry well.

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